Cat Brought To Shelter After Owner Dies, But One Look At The Cat’s Hair, I’ve NEVER Seen Anything?!

A poor elderly lady recently died, but when they took her cat to the shelter, people thought it was a “hoax” or some kind of sick joke, but it wasn’t. This poor cat was obviously so neglected and the matted hair must have taken years to form!

Hidey the cat had nearly 2 or more pounds of matted hair and looked like a complete mess – thankfully Hidey was given a professional life-saving shave by the medical team at the shelter!

Just look at these pictures, it’s unbelievable, I’ve NEVER seen anything like this in my life, have you?


This is probably the WORLD record for a cat being neglected when it comes to it’s own hair —— It’s appalling, but thank God someone was able to rescue the cat and save it from it’s poor misery—SHARE this story with your friends!

Story & images via Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

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