Cat Discovered “Catnip Heaven” Just In Time For The Most Hilarious Expression EVER.

This cats owner knows how to treat his cat right!  He bought over 1 LB of catnip just for his cat!

When his cat discovered the stash of catnip, it was all over… The cat dove in head first and rolled around as if it were heaven!  Thankfully there’s no need to worry, catnip is considered healthy!

This cat is having the time of his life and NEVER wants to leave.  Just take a look at his expression, it’s absolutely hilarious!

“AHHHHHH… This must be heaven, I never want to leave!”


That expressions says it all…


I’ve never seen a cat so excited about catnip, this cat is SOO stoned out of his mind with catnip, he can’t even hide it!  Absolutely STONED.

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Source: Imgur / Reddit

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