Everyone Thought It Was A Fox Running Around Town, But Then Someone Took A Closer Look…

Svalbard archipelago is located in Norway and is not a spot where you’d expect to see many cats. In fact, this gorgeous fluffy orange ball of fur is actually registered as an Arctic fox. But wait, he’s a cat!

Apparently cats are not allowed in this town, as they could disturb the “natural ecological balance.” We know how cats can be great hunters. The townsfolk like to twist the truth a bit, to allow Kesha the cat to stay. (and many still think he’s a fox! LOL)

Look at that warm fur coat!  Beautiful!

1_Fluffy_Orange_Arctic_CatKesha is a fluffy ginger cat brought to the town by a Russian family. The rules were twisted to allow him to stay. After all, everyone needs a kitty by their side. But if anyone asks, he’s a fox on paper—wink wink!

Is that a fox I see? NOPE!

2_Arctic_Cat_Poses_in_TownKesha enjoys spending the day watching life in Svalbard. He watches people go by and in the evening he has a mechanical workshop where he can keep warm.

This cat is lovingly known around town as the “FOX” but we all know the real truth!

3_Fluffy_Orange_KittyNot only is Kesha beautiful, but he has a wonderful personality too. He is affectionate and is well-loved by the townsfolk. He gets plenty of attention and treats. When people take photos of him he loves to head butt the camera lens. People are known for saying that this cat is the friendliest resident in town.

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Photo credit: rutraveller.ru/kadetwwwMike Homola, and BananaBikeBlog H/T: lovemeow

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