Forgiving Calico Cat Responds In Most Beautiful Way After Being Rescued With BB In Her Eye

This poor cat named Holly was a victim of a pellet gun – the poor kitty was rescued and taken in by TheCatHouseOnTheKings after discovering the cat had a BB from a pellet gun stuck in her eye.

The shaken cat was scared and terrified of people, but now she’s starting to warm up to people and has the most beautiful forgiving spirit you’ve ever seen, it’s a miracle she lived and now she’s giving love back in an amazing way.

Just watch how she’s warming up to humans again.  It’s touching to see such an abused cat starting to forgive humans –  Watch the video below:

It hurts my heart that anyone could do such a thing, but beautiful to see when such an abused creature forgives and loves in return—SHARE this beautiful rescue story with your friends!

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