Ginger Kitty Discovers White Fluffy “Kittens” Inside The Pen… What You See Next, SOO Cute!!

Mango the cat isn’t just any cat, he is very loving ginger kitty!  One day, his owner noticed that he had jumped into the pen with the pet rabbits!

They didn’t expect what they saw next however!  Instead of hissing, curious Mango decided that these fluffy white rabbits were really “kittens” so he proceeded to lick them and love on them as if they were his kittens!

At TheMeowPost, we just love it when we see something like this happening… It’s a very sweet moment you won’t want to miss! Watch Video

I’ve seen cats doing all sorts of things, but I’ve gotta admit this was just TOO cute for words… I’ve never seen a cat mistake a rabbit for a kitten, have YOU?!

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