Rescued Kitty Has Horrible Wound With Face-Eating Worms, So Just When There’s No Hope Left? WATCH

This poor homeless kitty has a rocky start at a new life, but just wait until you see the end result. The video does start with some disturbing images, so beware. But if you hang on until the end, it’ll all be worth it!

Kiwan, this emaciated white kitty was rescued off the streets a few days ago, and rescuers were shocked to see a wound on his face that was being eaten up by worms. The worms had eaten all the tissue up, leaving his cheek bones completely exposed to the elements.

After the rescue team eradicated all the worms and started treating the infection, they weren’t so sure how Kiwan would do…but the next day? What a fighter! This little kitty did not want to give up and showed he was a survivor. Watch what happens here:

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