Women Destroys Car, Uses Chain-Saw To Cut Dashboard To Save A Trapped Kitten, WATCH

This women heard meowing in her cat. After taking a close look, she discovered a tiny kitten was trapped in her dashboard.  She didn’t know what to do, so she posted a petition for help on Facebook!

Moments after posting the petition, friends came to help her, they took the dashboard apart, but then found out the only way was to use a chain saw to cut out some of the parts to get to the cat.

Her cat is now unusable from the damage, but it was worth everything to save this sweet tiny kitten! When humans care more about cats than material possessions, this world becomes a better place, Watch Video:

Some people thought this was a little extreme to save a kitten, but this women wouldn’t have it any other way—SHARE this heartwarming rescue story with your friends and family!

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